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How We Do It

At Tick Me Off Maine, first we research, then we experiment, then we research some more, then we go into the field, until we have a result we're happy with.


Then, we work with conscientious suppliers - folks who follow best practices in harvesting, manufacturing and replenishing.  Good, healthy planting of herbs and flowers means good, healthy essential oils, beeswax and blends.  We mix these delicious ingredients in small batches.  Why?  Because we don't use chemical preservatives.  Each Tick Me Off Maine tin has its own expiration date, so they're guaranteed fresh.  That's our secret - the rest is Mother Nature's. 

Have a look at our material safety data sheet (MSDS).  Then look up the MSDS for some of the tick repellent products on the shelves in stores.  Then, as our grade school teachers were so fond of saying, "Compare and contrast." 


What a pleasure to work around natural, non-toxic, sweet-smelling materials all day.  We like to think it's made us sweet and non-toxic, too.  :)


Thanks for stopping by.  We hope you'll give Tick Me Off Maine a try.