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Protect Yourself - Protect Your Pets
Protect The Great Outdoors


Much of the information you find online encourages the use of dangerous chemicals for tick prevention, such as premethrin, which is fatal to cats and questionable as to its impact on aquatic species.  We DO NOT promote the use of these toxic chemicals.  Gather information, research, and act according to your conscience, without jumping on the latest freak-out bandwagon. 

If you want to spend time with Mother Nature - and we strongly recommend the practice! - be smart.  Dress appropriately for the activity, put some great-smelling Tick Me Off Maine® on you, the kids, the dog, your gear - and most importantly - do a thorough tick-check when you get home.

There's no substitute for common sense and personal accountability

We've listed some buttons and links below that might prove helpful to educate yourself on ticks.  If you know of other sites that would be of interest, drop us a note!